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“It is Arop’s mission to rehabilitate workers and make them happy in society through employment in a protected production process”


Mission & Policy

Every employee feels happy and appreciated at AROP

AROP achieves at least break-even every year, works without cash-out

AROP strives for revenue growth of 3% per year (compared to Y-1)

AROP regularly launches its own new product in line with our values

AROP provides 5% of turnover each year for innovation with an emphasis on training and technology

AROP has an annual maximum of 5% economic unemployment and also provides work for the very weakest, we level out the seasonal effect to a maximum of 10%

AROP lives to ISO, IFS and BRC and strives for preventive quality assurance through product, process and system audits and FMEA


Mission & Policy

AROP aims to realize 85% of its turnover with customers who are preferred partners with long-term contracts.

AROP strives for a few leading edge customers as a showcase.

AROP is part of the supply chain of the companies in the area where we will be actively working with the deployment of our people and machinery

AROP wishes to offer greater added value in the value chain of its customers than all possible alternatives involving man or machine and thus minimize the TCO for the customer

AROP maintains good relations with the government and fellow custom-made companies, but does not engage in politics

AROP works according to the rules of Good Governance

AROP strives for “lead through technology”

“Arop ensures the well-being and individual development of its employees. The core values are: our people are central, while integrity and reliability are of paramount importance.”

“Sheltered workshops are companies that employ people who cannot enter the regular labor market. Their goal is social, their resources are economic.”


Mission & Policy
We let the expression ‘sheltered workshop’ make way for ‘tailor-made company’. Arop provides work tailored to capabilities. We go so far as to give everyone a detailed profile with strengths and weaknesses. This is drawn up according to the German MELBA system. In this way we select the right people for every assignment. We always listen to concerns, so that everyone remains motivated and performs optimally.
Customization also fits perfectly into our relationship with the customer. This is how our team works according to the LEAN principles. Quality management is crucial to us. All processes are constantly monitored and controlled.

The results speak for themselves!

Frequently Asked Questions

Arop | Sheltered Workshop
Does Arop for open food work according to certain quality standards?2021-03-05T12:04:23+00:00

Indeed, Arop works with quality standards. We follow the BRC, IFS & ISO 9001 standard.

Does Arop Have Refrigerated Spaces?2021-03-05T12:04:29+00:00

All chocolate products are processed as well as stored in refrigerated areas.

Does Arop have a stock of all kinds of cardboard boxes to package my finished product?2021-03-05T12:04:33+00:00

Since Arop works with different clients, all with different products and sizes, it is virtually impossible for Arop to stock all those different types of packaging. All our customers supply their specific packaging.

Can Arop stock goods for me?2021-03-05T12:04:39+00:00

Arop has the option to (temporarily) store goods for you. Please note this only for assignments that we will start or have started within a short period of time. Storage for longer periods is only possible upon request, space availability and for a fee.

How many people work at Arop?2021-03-05T12:04:44+00:00

Arop currently employs approximately 219 target group employees and 35 staff. The vast majority of which are full-time.

Mission & Policy

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