Arop maatwerk makes do-it-yourself cocktails for on the plane!

The Wilrijk custom-made company Arop makes cocktails that passengers can put together themselves on an airplane. Norwegian Airlines and two other airlines are customers. The cocktails were created by the Antwerp-Dutch company MiniBarBox.

Arop is a tailor-made company that employs 250 people with a work disability. In many cases it concerns people with a mental or physical disability.

“We are the only custom-made company in Belgium that has the permission to make products for aviation” , says Luc Schuit, Arop’s marketing manager.

“We have recently started making boxes with parts for cocktails. Passengers can order such a box during the flight. With the ingredients in that box he can make his own drink. We are already receiving orders of five thousand to twenty thousand pieces at a time. By the end of this year, we want to make about 6,000 boxes a day, three days a week. The concept of the do-it-yourself cocktail was conceived by the Antwerp-Dutch company MiniBarBox.

Do-it-yourself cocktails for the plane!