5 years of successful cooperation between ODTH First Class Logistics and AROP

ODTH First Class Logistics and Arop have been working together for 5 years. Every day an average of 35 people come from AROP to ODTH First Class Logistics to work together to ensure that customers receive the perfectly finished end product. Labeling, stacking, shrinking and many other tasks are completed.

The vision and goals of both companies match perfectly. Together they continue to strive for optimization and industrialization. By constantly looking for the perfect balance between automation and human actions, efforts can be made to achieve a better total cost of ownership, which translates into interesting pricing for customers.

This industrialization is also linked to a daily “way of working”. Due to the coordination between the ERP systems, lean manufacturing, flexible allocation of workforce and daily follow-up by means of quality systems, the possibilities continue to grow!

“We provide job security for a permanent Arop team. What we get in return are motivated employees who integrate perfectly into our corporate culture and ensure an interesting total cost of ownership with a perfect professional finish. ”

Paul Liekens (ODTH First Class Logistics )

“We work according to the“ Noise Voice ”principle. Our customer can fully concentrate on the large volumes, while we relieve him of his worries by taking on smaller, more difficult assignments. The unique talents of our employees in combination with semi-automation are our greatest asset! ”

Olivier Janssens (AROP)