Arop custom work is ISO 9001 certified

Arop Maatwerk in Antwerp is ISO 9001 certified, what does this mean?

ISO 9001 is worldwide the most widely used standard aimed at far-reaching quality control . The objective of this quality management system * is to have the entire organization focus on the continuous improvement of the flow within the company, in order to increase and guarantee the satisfaction of customers.

With ISO 9001, Arop pays even more attention to the entire process from translating the requirements and expectations of our customers to the delivered end product or possible services.

If we would like to highlight some points of this program:

  • ISO 9001 is a support for improving individual as well as collective performance.
  • It provides a solid foundation for sustainable development initiatives.
  • It helps with expectations and / or requirements of customers.
  • It allows us to comply with laws and regulations.
  • It helps increase our customer satisfaction.
  • It helps to respond to risks, opportunities, future needs, expectations and developments.
  • Although ISO 9001 can mainly be labeled as a quality management system, which primarily helps the own organization with management, the results are very customer-oriented. In this way errors, rework, waste, failure, complaints, misunderstandings, etc. with regard to delivered goods and services are avoided as much as possible.

When properly applied, the result is to reduce production costs and improve service to customers, in order to strengthen and improve the market position of Arop customization.

* The quality management system, often referred to as QMS, is a collection of policies, processes, documented procedures and records.